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Safe Sets 

Intimacy Coordination training and mentoring program

What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

An intimacy coordinator, much like a stunt coordinator is a trained professional who brings choreography, clarity, safety and consent to scenes in television and film that contain intimacy, nudity and/or simulated sex and other hyper-exposing scenes. They're a neutral 3rd party, advocate for the actors, creative and choreographic collaborator, consent and boundary facilitator and inter-departmental coordinator.

Intimacy Coordinators come from various backgrounds such as acting, directing, movement coaching, dance/choreography or fight direction etc., and have often been exposed to moments in their professional lives where they've felt Artists have not been seen, heard or appropriately treated during scenes that make them the most vulnerable or exposed. Scenes that can leave artists traumatised or victims of abuse.

Intimacy Coordination is a new and exciting role, and for many a true vocation.


As a company founded in South Africa, we acknowledge from a position of experience that intimacy coordination training is prohibitively expensive to few but the very privileged in the Global South and Eastern Europe additionally those for the previously disadvantaged backgrounds who make up the Global majority. In addition, in South Africa, we have a national mandate as a business to apply Broad-based black economic empowerment (BBE) principles to all that we do, which form part of the Government's BBE Empowerment Act, 2003 (as amended).

As such, we have always, as a company, sought to find ways to provide training opportunities for people to whom the price of global courses would be prohibitive and be considered a barrier to learning; this would include previously disadvantaged learners, for example those from the global majority, the LGBTQIA+ community, women re-entering the workforce after childbirth and raising children, other career breaks and people looking to have a second career after previous experience in other departments within the film and tv industry.

It was from this position in 2021 we were able to work with Netflix HR EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) to offer a comprehensive intimacy coordinator training course, fully funded, to people with appropriate previous industry experience who would not have otherwise been able to fund their participation in training.

If you're passionate about being an Intimacy Coordinator please do watch this space and submit your application for our next course.  

The Process:

ICs Graduate

After a 30 verified days on set, under mentorship, and having fulfilled the course prerequisites, the ICs will graduate and become Safe-Sets - SAG AFTRA Approved Intimacy Coordinators.

IC Trainers have worked for:

And More!

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