Application Criteria

Intimacy Coordinator Job Profile

An Intimacy Coordinator specializes in managing scenes with intimacy, simulated sex and nudity and is contracted by production to support planning and/or working on scenes with intimate content, from the writing room, during pre-production, production and through to postproduction.

  • Facilitates a safe work environment for personnel working with intimate content that respects boundaries.

  • Facilitates coordination between production departments to fulfil the director's vision and helps reduce related risks as well as avoid any unnecessary production delays.

  • Builds an environment in which actors understand what is expected of them and to give their informed and continued consent.

Ideal attributes that would benefit a trainee suitable for the role of Intimacy Coordinator would include the following:

  • Background in directing, movement or acting with evidence of either a Bachelor/Master's degree in their chosen area or equivalent professional experience and credits in their field.

  • Strong organizational and communication skills. (The course will be taught in English but we strongly encourage applications from people who may speak other languages as a first language.)

  • Understanding of on-set etiquette (through prior practical experience) and understanding of the varied departmental responsibilities and work flow.

  • Willingness to demonstrate and implement inclusive, respectful and responsible functions and protocols as demanded by the role.

  • Willingness to maintain safeguarding and advocacy approaches whilst remaining flexible and creative when working with cast and crew.

  • Capable of communication and collaboration across multiple departments.

  • Up-to-date Police Background Check and Working with Children equivalency.


  • A pedagogical background.


  • Shortlisted candidates will need to provide a current police clearance certificate outlining non-sexual offenders status.

What does an Intimacy Coordinator do?

  • During Development/Prep

    • Nudity/simulated sex script breakdown

    • Meeting with director, showrunner, EPs, writer(s), DP, and 1st AD to discuss details of intimate scenes

    • Meeting with the producer, IC, and each manager to discuss potential intimacy for their clients

    • Meeting with actors to discuss the director's vision for intimate scenes and the actors' boundaries

    • Liaison between director and actor(s) based on director's goals and actors' boundaries

    • Coordination with Production and Legal on descriptive language for nudity riders

    • Collaboration with Costumes, Props, and Make-up departments

    • Rehearsals with director and actors establishing choreography and blocking

    • Generate Risk Assessments for Production

  • During Production/Post-Production

    • Review of nudity riders, scene content, and modesty garments with actors

    • Private rehearsal with actors, director, and DOP

    • Enforcement of closed-set protocols

    • Supervision of shoot to make sure boundaries are respected, nudity riders are adhered to, scenes look authentic, and story beats are clear.

    • Periodic check-ins with actors

    • Post scene check-in with actors

    • Report back to production on scene execution

Application Deadline: To be confirmed during next intake

Initial Meetings
To be confirmed during next intake

Applicants that have made it through the initial selection process will then be required to participate invited to interview in front of a panel, and introduced to the role requirements of an intimacy coordinator, given a course overview, and an outline to the commitment required from them to go from the start of the journey on the Intimacy Coordinator training scheme to completion.

This session will provide both any funding partners and/or the trainers the opportunity to assess whether the candidates fully understand the role of the IC and their suitability to join the scheme

Successful candidates will be notified - 

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